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 GM Application of Michael

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PostSubject: GM Application of Michael   Wed Mar 17, 2010 3:15 pm

Real Name: Michael Carlleone Z canlas

Age : 14

Country: Philippines

Time Zone: GMT+8

In-game Name: Uchiha(new player)

Email Add or ym: momongcanlas@yahoo.com

>> Personality<<

I'm Michael from Philippines, I'm a Student i love playing computer. Been doing that for around 5-6 years now,Really enjoy what im doing, I like to think I do it to my best ability.i played flyff for 2years and for being GM/FM is 1 1/2 years.

I went to Pampanga High school too study Law and to get course computer programming , did that for 3 years, , Wasn't anything to do with my job now but I suppose it's another thing to my self.

I think I'm very addicted in Computer But my family support me,For the fact I want to become programmer. I also enjoy a good book, from "Twilight"

* I'm one of those people who thrive on success, I can't start something without finishing it, I have to finish them too a high degree of perfection, Some people call me a perfectionist, But Perfectionist get the job done.
* I'm very family and friend based, they always come first in my life. Love going out with them on a weekend "letting my hair" down so to speak.

I'm very easy going and easy to interact with, I always put people first before me.Always been a sociable person, This might sound self centered but I like to liked but doesn't everyone.

I love my computers , From PS2, DS , PSP to my Pc, I have currently started building Flyff server But my flyff is for starter and im studying to become developer been doing that for around 2 year's now. A lot to take in.

>>Experience Within FlyFF<<

* I started playing on Flyff online PH server , and then i play Private server .

* I always started the game with my eye's stuck in Wiki, I could never get the hang of the game to start off, But time went by and I like to think I know pretty much everything about the game.

> How Do You Spend Your Time on PHFlyFF and other flyff?<

* When I was playing Flyff, I was a complete BP, I loved my BP on it. The fact I could take Sta build's With a 1 hit combo made me giggle(ASURA).

* I was a complete "fool" on Flyff, Always made people laugh, Made the arena a happier place to kill. for the reason I couldn't make the day with out having a laugh. Always lightened the mood if there was conflict.

* If someone need advise I was always there to help or direct them to people if I wasn't sure of it.

Any Previous Experience With GM Modding?

* Unfortunately, Yes. I Become GModerator and creator cauz i have my own RAN server and flyff, But the Confidence was fully concentrated here I suppose. Now I have thought about the idea more and more, And the opportunity now couldn't fall at a better time.

Why Would You Be a Good Moderator?

* As I have stated previously I'm a perfectionist, and always want the best out of my ability.

* I'm strict, But always fair.

* I always think before I act , And if I'm stuck with a situation I'll always ask for a second opinion.

* I always have patience with people who aren't fluent in English, I will take my time until I understand completely what they need.

Why Did You Decide to Apply For a Mod Position?

* Well the first reason I started to apply for this position was the fact there isn't enough PH Moderators. When there's a problem and everyone is waiting for a update, there's never anyone on to support us in our need's.

* I also just want the opportunity to help people with the forum's and in game solution's.

Availability (on average, to GMT +8)

Sunday: whole day
Monday:4-6am and 5pm-10pm
Tuesday:4-6am and 5pm-10pm
Wednesday:4-6am and 5pm-10pm
Thursday:4-6am and 5pm-10pm
Friday:4-6am and 5pm-10pm
Saturday:11:00 -whole day

Thank you for reading the above I hope I haven't bored you to death with the life story.
sorry if i have wrong grammar but i think its not :)

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PostSubject: Re: GM Application of Michael   Thu Mar 25, 2010 10:53 pm

good luck to you lol
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GM Application of Michael
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