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PostSubject: (GM)APPLICATION   Mon Mar 22, 2010 1:34 am

[Accepted] HeroBlade application

lets give this a try

Application Formulary:

1. About Myself:
- My Name is Martin Castillo
- Im 19 years old
- Im From Philippines
- I probably am playing Abduction for over 5 hours a day at the moment, On
and off between 3pm till around 2am [GMT+0] (not constantly for the
whole 11 hours tho )

2. How long have you been playing on Abduction Flyff?
- I Have been playing Abduction Flyff for around 3 months, since january 2010 (with a few breaks thoughout that time)

3. Do you have any previous GM experience? Tell us about it.
yes, ive GMed in two Pservers, (small scale so there wernt as many
players as Abduction), i learnt how to use the GM codes effectively, how
to spawn monsters, items, and know the additional information used when
spawning them.
For example: .item
and spawn: .mon

4. What rate do you give to your Flyff knowledge?
i would rate my knowlage at 9/10

5. About your Global experience.
- I Played Eflyff for about 3 years
- I occasionally play it now, but not often
- My Highest Five: Lv76-M-Blade, Lv93-RM, Lv75-BP, Lv73 Knight, Lv65 Ele.
- I Am From Lawolf Server!

. What can you say about yourself in general?
- Im Martin, i go to collage studying Programmer (want to be a
vet) , and enjoy hanging out with friends, Goin to the cinema, Playing
my xbox, and of course flyff. I am also currently learning to drive, and
should get my licence within the month ^.^

.7 Why do you think you are the best to fill this position?
- I believe i am best to fill this position because i have a good
knowledge of flyff as a whole and also know quite alot about Pservers,
the issues with them, and the reasons behind it. I belive i am a
friendly, approachable person and would be able to answer peoples
questions well, and in a kind manner, and assist if needed (to an
extent). I am good at explaining things and will easily follow
instructions from superiors when told to. Also, although i have not
been posting on the forums alot atm, i do troll them regularly (using
the active threads search) and give imput if i think its needed and

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PostSubject: Re: (GM)APPLICATION   Sat Mar 27, 2010 3:16 am

Accepted?. xD
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PostSubject: Re: (GM)APPLICATION   Wed Apr 21, 2010 12:32 pm

I think this application was copied from another application and pasted here. The first sentences are suspicious :x
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PostSubject: Re: (GM)APPLICATION   

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