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 Athena's GM Application

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PostSubject: Athena's GM Application   Sat Apr 03, 2010 2:26 pm

Name:Athena Mislang

Why should we hire you?:
You can trust me in Event's I'm usually use to get rid of that. When i was a Game Master some of Flyff PServers ( NovaFlyff, VirtueFlyFF and FallenFlyFF ). I dont give out items for no reason. You can trust me.

How much are you active (Give some times & days):
I am usually very active in Weekends ( Like 5-10 Hours i guess ). In weekdays i can only be active atleast 3-4 Hours.

What is your experience as a GM (If you have any):
I've been experiencing being a Game Master in some Flyff Servers ( NovaFlyFF, VirtueFlyFF, FallenFlyff and some others. )

And yes, finally I can say I've mastered the /commands too.
But if you want to test me you can. I follow the rules and regulations of being a Game Master.

What is your experience in-game:
I've played FlyFF since it was in V1 i played the Philippines Server ( Levelupgames Inc <- Developer ). I started to like Flyff when i got LVLed 60 then i got my 2nd job ( Blade :D ). i like the Graphics of the game and i also want the Community, the people treated fair on everyone but some others are not. :D

What do you think you can do to help the server :
I can help the server by doing some Events daily treat all the people fair. I can follow what the ADMIN/OWNER said ( or what he/she said to me for my events ).

How well do you work with people:
I'm a friendly-type girl. Im easily get well with others :D im not strict. Im a fun-mate :D.

Yahoo Messenger:athena_mislang15@yahoo.com

More power to AbductFlyff and to the Staffs. ( Also the PPL's :D )
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PostSubject: Re: Athena's GM Application   Thu Apr 15, 2010 4:26 am

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Athena's GM Application
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