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 bounttyy's GM app

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PostSubject: bounttyy's GM app   Thu Apr 08, 2010 5:33 pm

My Experience as a GM?
not a lot...i never was a GM for flyff b4 i did have my own little neighborhood server only like 5-7 people played and it was mainly for me and my friends. I used Co4gm for all the commands if you know what am talking about.

Why am asking to be a GM?

For me, i have only joined this server like 3 days ago the Name/rates caught my attention xD and i came here the main reason is i barley see a lot of Events in 3 dayz i only saw one event T_T but it got me VERY EXCITED xD it was super fun :] and everyone was in it and i want to hold these events i am very active. I mainly play two games of now Gunz The Duel, and FlyFF (Abducted ;) and i have been a developer for Gunz which is a 3d person shooting game. Am barley familiar with blender i mainly made swords and only 4-7 guns for the game and I am ~ok~ with photoshop,illustrator not a pro but just ~ok~. I am a very friendly person
Lawl :D
And no offense to all the other Gm's like i did see the event they put up it was GREAT,and am pretty sure you guys are busy with your stuff too :D but i never got to be a Gm and i wanted to try out for this server since i enjoy being around here with you guys :] and you can test me if you want and don't like what i do you can fire me T_T
(And my app very ugly as you can see :/ its because i never done this before normally i get through by friends or so on, try your best understanding if i missed out something leave a comment and i'll add it on.
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PostSubject: Re: bounttyy's GM app   Thu Apr 15, 2010 4:25 am

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bounttyy's GM app
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