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 Insane's GM application

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PostSubject: Insane's GM application   Insane's GM application EmptySun Apr 25, 2010 12:23 pm

I know that there are so many applicants but hope you like my apps..
About Myself:
Name: Leonard Aguilan
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Country: Philippines
Language: English/Filipino
Chatbox name: Razine
Where did you find Abundant Flyff: Gtop100.com
Applying for position of: GM/ Game Master

Why I want this position:

I know that there are many players whom interested on being a GM.
This game for me gives a chance for the players to experience a real game is.
It gives fun and challenges to the players whom search for it.
This server gives me an oppurtunity of experiencing of being a GM.
I hope the admin or the moderators give me chance of having this position.
I can handle my patience on the players.
I am an active player..
I almost spend 8-10hrs in my computer and this shows of my activeness,

Flyff Experience:

I've played Flyff PH for 3-4 months and i trained 7 characters with a lvl of 60+ and above..
I enjoyed this game since i played it but it fades away when my younger brother gets hacked by a friend
whom he has entrusted with him.
I played flyff from v. 10-12, challenges are so hard but then I regained my strength when I
saw abundant flyff..
I've played Fly For Fantasy and other private servers.

Promises on being a game master:
I promised that ill be active.
I can handle my patience for those violators.
Be kind.
I won't be boastful.
I will make events according to the rules.
I will follow the rules and regulations and
I Will show my appreciation to the moderator or admin whom give me chance on
being a GAME MASTER.

If you have comments and suggestions i'll just accept it without any anger.
That's all thank you! Hope you accept my application.
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Insane's GM application
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