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 Premium Items

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PostSubject: Premium Items   Tue Jan 05, 2010 1:10 am

Premium Items for DCGW

50php = 1 US Dollar

Refresher Hold 100pcs 100php

Vital Drink X 100pcs 100php

Grilled Eel 100pcs 200php

Upcut Stone 100pcs 200php

100pcs 100php

Scroll of Holy 100pcs 300php

Scroll of Resurrection 100pcs 200php

Scroll of Velocity 100pcs 100php

Remantis Laccotte 100pcs 50php

Hot Ddukguk 100pcs 25php

Fresh Ddukguk 100pcs 25php

Sweet Ddukguk 100pcs 25php

Buff Breaker 100pcs 300php

Half-divine Shield 100pcs 500php

Scroll of Combat 20 50pcs 300php

Scroll of Combat 50 50pcs 500php

Medicine of Sharpness 100pcs 150php

Medicine of Attack 100pcs 150php

Medicine of Hit 100pcs 150php

Medicine of Thinking 100pcs 150php

Medicine of STR 100pcs 100php

Medicine of DEX 100pcs 100php

Medicine of INT 100pcs 100php

Medicine of STA 100pcs 100php

Medicine of Strong STR 100pcs 150php

Medicine of Strong DEX 100pcs 150php

Medicine of Strong INT 100pcs 150php

Medicine of Strong STA 100pcs 150php

Medicine of Strong Defense 100pcs 150php
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Premium Items
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