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 Yuki's GM application:

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PostSubject: Yuki's GM application:   Mon Feb 22, 2010 12:26 pm

Title: GM
1. Personal information:

-Name:Adrian Latoga
-IGN: Yuki
-Age: 19
-Where are you from: I live inPhilippines
-What are the hours you are able to play this server: 11 hours (minimum) when im not busy maybe 15 hours .
-What is the GMT you are basing yourself on? GMT +8
-What languages do you speak? English.,Tagalog

2. How long have you been playing p servers.
Around 8 months

3. Do you have any previous experience on private servers? Tell us about it. -Yes i do. I started playing p servers because i thought that it would be a lot more laid back and people wouldnt be all uptight and serious. i've gm'd for about 5 of them. Then i either quit or the server went down.
4. What rate do you give to your Flyff knowledge? 9.3 (LOL)

5. Global flyff experience:

-How long have you played pFlyff? I've been playing pflyff for 3 years or so.. The only reason i really played pflyff was to make some friends and learn some new things. I never really took an interest in lvling up.
-Do you still play it? No. I quit because i got sick and tired of everyone on the server. Sure i had a few friends and all but i didnt like playing with a bunch of assholes. It wasnt something i wanted to come home to everyday.
-Server? Bubble.

.6 What can you say about yourself in general?
Im gonna be honest. filling this out took a long time. Just this one question. I thought to myself for hours.. What can i say about myself that people want to hear. But i decided i dont care what they want to hear. Ill just tell them everything. Weather they like it or not.
Ill start with the bad. Sometimes my judgement is clouded by my mood. And sometimes i can just do stupid things without even realizing that i do it. Sometimes i can be really self centered and be cocky. But genereally im not. I can be very impatient at times. I get mad reall easily by people that do stupid stuff. Just summing it up im the furthest thing from perfect. But the good things. I always go out of my way to help people because its something i get a self sense of pride out of. Im a really nice guy when you actually get to know me. Im that kind of guy who is always willing to try new things. Or take suggestions from other people. Im very open about things and I dont lie. I dont talk shit about people behind their backs. And i always defend a person that needs defending. Those are a few of the bad traits and the good traits. That should be enough to get a general understanding of who i am.

.7 Why do you think you are the best one to fill this position?
Because i've been playing flyff and gm'ing for a hella long time. I know whats up and i know whats not..? haha but yeah i think i can be best to fill this position because when it comes to helping people no one does it better than me.

.8 Other info. i am a computer programming student.. here in philippines.. i have an anti-hack for pserver..i can share it for free if interested i think . Very Happy

facebook - n10110000@yahoo.com
yahoo mail - n10110000@yahoo.com
YM- kuroroban
friendster - mazter_adrian11@yahoo.com
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PostSubject: Re: Yuki's GM application:   Thu Mar 25, 2010 10:52 pm

good luck to you hope you make it

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Yuki's GM application:
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